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Details and Instructions

Here is what you should know to get the best results from illumai.

First, it's a SYSTEM. Use all three products and don't use other shampoos or conditioners. It's OK to use other styling products later if you want ... and if you feel you need to, but illumai provides a system benefit when you use all three products in concert.

Specifically, the cleanse shampoo is non-ionic; it leaves most of peptides, proteins and moisturizing oils on your scalp and hair, and it leaves no residue. (Most other shampoos leave a negatively charged residue.)
Our nurture conditioner does not contain silicones, so it doesn't give that super-slippery feeling. It does contain isoleucine, an essential amino acid, which stimulates scalp health and has repair properties for the hair itself. Because the shampoo doesn't leave a negative residue, our conditioner doesn't have to neutralize it (leaving a film) and then cover the damage with silicones, as do most other conditioners. Our conditioner rinses out completely.
The protect leave-in spray  has two oils which mimic sebaceous oils --- and by SHAKING WELL, they are activated into nano-aggregates (think "teeny paintballs of key oils") which are then electrostatically attracted ONLY to zones of abrasion or depletion on the hair shaft. The result is shiny, smooth, soft hair, with no greasy feel or coatings to "weigh down" the hair.

SECOND, this unique biochemistry is much healthier than conventional products.

* The shampoo doesn't strip the ecosystem of peptides, proteins and moisturizing oils and the microbiota living in and on them. It doesn't break the water barrier of the scalp or hair. It doesn't dry or irritate the scalp or hair. It doesn't expose the follicles to damage.
* None of the products contain ANY preservatives -- no parabens, no formaldehydes, no poisons of any kind. (Preservative is just a nice word for poison.)
* The conditioner doesn't coat or smother the ecosystem supporting your healthy scalp and hair.
* The conditioner and Primer Mist only nurture and repair zones of depletion and abrasion on the hair shaft, including split ends. It doesn't touch healthy zones.
* The illumai system is COMPLETELY color safe and OK to use with keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, extensions and other treatments.

THIRD, because of this unique (and patented) bio-science-based mechanism of action, the experience will be different. Specifically, the hair will FEEL "squeaky clean" and a bit dry at the end of the shampoo cycle. (This is because the hair is actually sealed and the water barrier isn't broken; the hair is, in reality, nicely moisture-protected.) The conditioner isn't loaded with silicones and greasy oils, so the extremely slippery feeling of conventional products isn't present. (The good news is that no deposits are left on scalp or hair.) And last, the full detangling and protection step -- the leave-in spray -- requires a Goldilocks "just right" application -- not too much (which can add an oily feel) and not too little.

Here are some specific usage tips:


  • a quarter size dollop is enough; all illumai products are very concentrated; it will last for a long time.
  • spread in palms of hands before applying to very wet hair; this aids distribution
  • add water (not shampoo) to get more lather
  • scrub scalp too
  • use twice only if hair is super dirty or there's product build up; once is normally enough
  • avoid over-agitation that would cause lots of tangles
Note: hair will be "squeaky clean" and FEEL very different. That's OK; it's not breaking the water barrier on the hair and scalp like other shampoos.


  • again, a little goes a long way; it's concentrated
  • spread on palms
  • put on scalp AND wet hair; add water to assist distribution
  • leave in/on for three minutes
  • rinse thoroughly -- rinse it ALL out
Note: Hair will feel different! The conditioner is a healing agent that targets damaged areas and then rinses clean. Unlike traditional conditioners, it is not a silicone-based coating/masking agent, and it leaves no slippery film.

Leave-in spray 

  • SHAKE WELL before using
  • apply to damp hair
  • use sparingly -- 4-5 spritzes, all over (top and underside of hair) should be right for shoulder-length hair; adjust the amount you use as needed based on hair length, density or preference.
  • comb/de-tangle damp hair to distribute the mist through the hair


  • air dry or blow dry - because illumai doesn't break the water barrier of the hair, your hair will dry faster than with conventional products